Welcome to Necrosoft.ca

I am currently in the process of re-designing my website, so unfortunately all you get to see for now is this unfinished template. I apologize.

My Portfolio

Once I have completed the creation of this website, I will be providing links and examples of Applications (primarily Windows based using .NET, but some Linux ports that utilize Mono as well), as well we Web Sites or Pages that I have created, or been part of the development team for.

I plan on not only providing compiled binaries of my development, but also hope that I will be able to provide the source code or SVN access as well. I belive this will not only enhance the existing applications that I have, but also to provide valuable input from the community.

Online Presence

Once completed, this will be a portal page to all the sites hosted by Necrosoft.ca, as well as my own personal work that I've completed for my software and web development portfolio.
Think of it as an online version of my resume if you will :)

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